3 de mayo de 2017

Teach in USA (PPVV, VIF, EPI, Visalista, AMITY, FACES...)

Para los que estamos interesados en este tema hay gran cantidad de hilos en foros y muchas webs, agencias, etc. que te ayudan a buscar ofertas de empleo como docente en USA. He intentado hacer una recopilación de las que me han parecido más interesantes, si conocéis alguna más la añadimos!
Necesitaremos un Visado J-1: visado para profesores visitantes, es una visa para no-inmigrantes extendida por los Estados Unidos para los visitantes de intercambio que participan en los programas para la promoción del intercambio cultural, especialmente en formación.
Profesores Visitantes MEC (PPVV): El programa de Profesores Visitantes en centros educativos de Estados Unidos de América, Canadá y Reino Unido es uno de los programas de intercambio cultural más antiguo y mejor consolidados de la acción educativa exterior española.
VIF: It's the 'United States' largest cultural exchange program for teachers and schools, is dedicated to transforming lives through international exchange. Participate teachers are placed in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.
EPI: Educational Partners International, LLC (EPI - non-governmental organization) is a J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program authorized to sponsor teachers for K-12 placements in public, private, and charter schools in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. More info
FACES: Foreign Academic & Cultural Exchange Services
AMITY: Amity Institute can sponsor qualified individuals for full-time paid teaching positions at accredited K-12 schools where a need for educators exists.  Participants must secure their own teaching position and are employees full time directly by the host school.
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Visalista: Visalista.com has created a database that anybody interested in teaching in the USA with an exchange visa (j-1) or work visa (h-1b) can look at and enjoy. Our database is a combination of the information offered by schools and all the data we have gathered in our years of experience. You can access thousands of jobs and use our expertise to become successful in your job hunting and by creating an account you can create your list of favorites, keep track of your applications and documents or comment on the process.
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Private Programs for International Teachers:  South Carolina Department of Education
Global Teaching Partners: Global provides the recruitment, placement and ongoing support of K-12 Academic and Cultural Exchange (ACE) teachers that want to gain experiential knowledge of the U.S., participate actively in cross-cultural activities with schools and communities while preparing students to be thoughtful and compassionate global citizens. Global works in partnership with South Carolina schools to recruit teachers in math, science, elementary education, world languages and high demand subjects.
: Teachers teach a variety of grades and subjects including math, science, foreign language and special education. Teachers come from Great Britain, Venezuela, Mexico, and other countries. ITES is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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29 de marzo de 2017

MineSchool: design your school using Minecraft

Design your school using Minecraft


We have designed this project for the 4rd ESO students who are attending to Technology subject. This will be an interesting and motivating project, very practical and will relate to maths, science, and engineering. Moreover, our aim is to apply the Multiple Intelligences Theory (Gardner) in order to carry out a project with a group of students with different abilities. So each of them will be responsible for one task that makes him feel comfortable.

At the end of the project we will have a virtual school mockup in Minecraft world that we will share with the school community. To do that, students will measure the school buildings, take photos, draft it on paper and finally re-create it in Minecraft. So, everyone will be able to visit our school and even propose engineering improvements related to mobility, green spaces, occupation, and room distribution.


* Students will be able to use measurements and ratios to recreate an actual building in Minecraft.

* Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of building to scale and proper proportions in engineering concepts.

* Students will apply visualizing comprehension to illustrate their understanding.

* Students will demonstrate collaborative skills and teamwork in compiling data and information to complete the task.